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Scar Revision, Dermabrasion, Laser Resurfacing,  and Peels

     Scars from prior injury or acne are visible because of differences in height, texture (including the presence of hair) and color.  They may be red, angry and itchy which we term hypertrophic and grow beyond the margins of the original injury, in which case we refer to them as keloids. 

    Steroid creams and injections and topical bleaching agents may suffice to remedy the situation in many cases.  When they do not we may address the scars surgically to move them to a less visible location, narrow them,  and provide a more friendly environment for healing than the original injury.   Not every scar can be improved but many can though a patient shouldn’t expect it to vanish, only be less visible.  

     Dermabrasions can even out acne and other scar irregularities and eliminate fine wrinkles.   Combined with tissue fillers a significant improvement may be obtained in these patients. 

   Phenol, fruit acid peels and LASER resurfacings create a controlled injury to the skin that forces it to renew itself in such a manner that fine wrinkles and many pigmented lesions disappear or become much less prominent.   The trade off is a period of erythema or redness which can be lengthy and persistent increased sun sensitivity.   The “down time” and the presence or absence of scabbing depends on the exact modality employed.     

     Melanomas, epidermoid and basal cell cancers should all be identified and excised early but a variety of pigmented lesions may be treated with freezing or bleaching creams.   Protecting the skin from  harmful ultraviolet light with sun blocks is the mainstay of preventative medicine for slowing the appearance of new lesions in damaged skin or avoiding them in the first place.



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Scar Revision, Dermabrasion and Peels

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