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Lip Enlargement or Lip Reduction

     Fillers, peels and dermabrasion may also be helpful in softening or eliminating the radiating perioral rhytides (wrinkles) that result from persistent lip pursing or smoking. 

     Hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers may be used to obtain temporary lip augmentation and the patient’s own fat may be reinjected to obtain a more permanent result.  Injections require minimal or no “down time.” 

     However true permanence in lip size requires surgery.  Upper and lower lips may be made smaller or larger under local anaesthesia on an ambulatory basis in either office or hospital. Tissue is either advanced to plump up the lip or removed to make it smaller. The incisions are within the mouth and the sutures dissolve so they need not be removed. For augmentations, the swelling usually resolves in a few days; for reductions, it may persist for weeks. Most patients return to work within a week.


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