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Malar Augmentation and Mentoplasty


     Hyaluronic fillers (RestylaneŽ, Perlane, Juvederm) and polylactic acid (SculptraŽ) may be used to obtain subtle to significant improvements in flat faces.   SculptraŽ results in a more permanent and gradually increasing enhancement.  Hydroxyl apatite (RadiesseŽ) has been used for this purpose as a semi-permanent filler but has the draw back of being radioopaque in facial X-rays. 

      Weak chins and flat cheek bones may be most dependably and permanently improved by intraoral insertion of solid prostheses, generally solid silicone implants. The sutures dissolve and need not be removed and all incisions are within the mouth and therefore invisible. The short procedures are generally carried out on an ambulatory basis under local anaesthesia if performed alone. The patient generally sports skin tapes for a week and has very little external bruising when the tapes are removed, returning to work and appearing socially although a "stiff upper lip" or lower lip is common for another week.

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