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Thigh and Buttock Surgery


      Many older patients or those that have undergone massive weight reduction may have an unsightly inferior bulge in the buttocks.   In many cases it is possible to add volume to the superior portion of the buttocks to alleviate the deformity when fat is available for autografting (“Brazilian butt lift”).   Lifting in this patients is accomplished by a buttock augmentation with the patient’s own (autogenous) fat.

     Alternately and in most weight loss patients, an ellipse of subcutaneous tissue and skin may be excised in this area to correct the problem.  The scar is not very noticeable since it is located in the buttock crease.

    When there is redundant skin on the thighs, the incision may be carried into the internal portion of the patient’s thighs to eliminate the redundancy of skin and subcutaneous tissue on the legs.  The thigh component of the scar, however, is visible in a brief bathing suit and more difficult to conceal.  It must be less objectionable to the patient than the fatty folds it replaces. 

  Both of these procedures require that the patient remain on the abdomen for 2-3 days in a pressure dressing which is removed after this time and ambulation permitted. 

    In many cases these procedures are a “reward” for a patient who has undergone a marked weight reduction, tailoring the skin to a leaner frame and eliminating the tell tale stigmata of former obesity. 

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Thigh and Buttock Lift

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Incision Placement and Skin Excision for Buttock Lift

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