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Cheek, Face and Forehead Lifts

†††† One significant change in the last decade has been an increased appreciation of the lost of volume in the aging face.† Face lift may be postponed and smaller procedures be required with the use of fat, soft tissue fillers, cheek and chin implants, and dental work to replace the lost of subcutaneous fat and bone with age.    A face lift is no longer just a pulling up of the skin to remove the wrinkles. It is a resuspension of deeper layers to achieve a more prolonged result and a recontouring of the subcutaneous fat of cheeks and chin.

†††† Incisions are placed in the scalp where the redundant skin is excised and the procedure may be carried out on an ambulatory basis or with an overnight hospitalization. General or local anaesthesia may be used and the sutures are removed by the 10th. day. Most patients stay home for a week, return to work covering some bruises on the second week and may return to normal social functioning at the end of the third week.

†††† When the forehead is particularly affected with eyebrow sagging and deep wrinkling, a forehead lift can be performed in isolation or together with a face lift.†† This may be performed endoscopically in some cases to minimize scarring.

†††† The forehead, cheek or neck portions of the neck lift may be performed in isolation and only the affected area undermined when a particular patientís problem only requires that area to be principally addressed.† This can result in appropriately placed, minimized and shortened incisions as well as more rapid recoveries.†† If the central or cheek portion is addressed, the procedure is generally referred to as a meloplasty.†

†††† You can view some face lift before and after results.


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(1) Incisions Into Hairline; (2)† Area of Undermining for a Full Facelift


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