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Surgery for Prominent Ears

     It is surprising how much ridicule a child, particularly a boy who cannot cover the defect with long hair, can be subjected to because of congenitally prominent ears and how this stigma can affect a person into adulthood.   

    Prominent ears may be repositioned closer to the head in surgery carried out under local or general anaesthesia on an ambulatory basis in the office or hospital.   The customary defect is a poorly formed antihelical fold.  The approach is from behind the helical rim to access and weaken the  cartilage in front to allow it bend back so that the ears can be positioned more closely to the side of the head. 

     The ear is wrapped to allow the cartilage to become accustomed to its new position.    Sutures are placed behind the ear and are removed by the 10th. Day.  Little bruising persists after the second week.

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(1) helical rim;

(2) antihelical fold;

(3) conchal cartilage;

(4) tragal cartilage;

(5) earlobe

ear anatomy