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Robert L. Cucin MD FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

"Nose Job"

    A rhinoplasty is a recontouring of the nose to undo the result of a prior injury or achieve a more favorable profile. Airway obstruction from a deviated septum may also be treated at the same time and may make the procedure subject to insurance reimbursement. Frequently the turbinates (lubricating shelves with sinus openings within the nose) are also resected in these patients with allergies.

     The ethnic character of the nose may also be lessened. The refinement of the alar cartilages is generally referred to as a “tip rhinoplasty” and if it is necessary to make the nostrils smaller, the procedure performed is known as a Weir Resection.  Approximately 15% of patients benefit from a chin implant to balance the bottom of third of the face with the upper two thirds.  If too much cartilage has been removed in prior surgeries gone awry, cartilage grafts may be taken from the septum or ear to add structure and projection when needed. 

   The procedure is carried out on an ambulatory basis in the office or hospital under either general or local anaesthesia.  An external splint remains on the nose for a week. When it is removed, the patient may return to work covering some eyelid bruising with makeup or glasses. Light exercise is allowed for the second week and normal exercise and social functioning resumes by the third week. Contact sports are avoided for six weeks.        

     You can browse some before and after surgical results.

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nasal anatomy

(1) nasal bone; (2) upper lateral cartilage; (3) alar cartilage


marking the alar cartiliagesalar crease relocation

Tip Refinement

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