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Robert L. Cucin MD FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Body Shaping, Fat Removal, Fat Autografting

†††† Removal of localized excesses of fat by application of suction to a reciprocating hollow rigid tube has become one of the most commonly requested surgical procedures today. It is most commonly performed under general anaesthesia on an ambulatory basis but may be performed under local anaesthesia as well either in office or hospital. The incisions are short ones in inconspicuous places. However, the bruising is usually substantial and requires several weeks to resolve. Generally the patient is advised to wear a pressure garment on the operated part for the first few weeks. Women most commonly have the hips, lower stomach, inner thighs and knees reshaped while men most often complain of hip rolls or "love handles" in addition to their stomachs.

†††† LASERís and ultrasound devices work by melting the fat which then has to be removed manually.† While they are helpful in fibrous areas, their drawback is the risk of burns and increased incidence of seromas (fluid collections).†

†††† The Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction (TCAL) we employ uses our patented gentler tube-within-a-tube design which eliminates the battering ram trauma of the moving cannula, shortening convalescence, minimizing bruising, and increasing control.† There is no risk of burns as there is no heat.† The outer cannula sheath protects the skin from injury in efforts to maximize skin contraction.† The increased control helps minimize the need for revisions.

†††† One of the advantages of more gentle fat removal is a better quality autograft with less traumatized fat and more viable stem cells for reinjection where needed.†

†††† Transcutaneous treatments (LASER, heat, or cold) require many sessions and most likely obtain their very subtle effect from the post-treatment hyperemia (increased blood flow) - much like a good massage† - in highly motivated patients already dieting and exercising.†† They are no replacement for traditional liposuction.†

†††† In overweight patients in whom serial liposuction is performed and skin contraction isnít sufficient, minimal undermining localized excisions of loose skin (e.g. lower abdomen, upper arms, or thighs) or even a tummy tuck may be necessary to obtain optimal results. You may view some before and after results.



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