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Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

     Breast reconstruction post-mastectomy is generally carried out in one or more stages.  The first stage is creation of the breast mound.  The second stage is symmetrization of the reconstructed breast which is generally “perky” like a young breast with the existing breast which is generally ptotic or saggy.  Nipple reconstruction is generally effected in the second stage and in most cases done by sharing part of the nipple and areola (pigmented area surrounding the nipple) from the other side. 

     In cases where much tissue has been removed muscle flaps may be used to recruit tissue from the back or stomach.  In some patients it is possible to eliminate the need for implants entirely.

     In many cases silicone gel implants may be indicated to obtain superior results as the flow characteristics of silicone are particularly advantageous when there is lesser amounts of overlying tissue coverage.

     Using skin expanders it is possible to gradually stretch out tight skin and frequently even “skip a stage” in the reconstructive process.  This is however done with a trade-off  for the slight patient discomfort that accompanies each in office expansion, a procedure performed by injection of saline with a needle in to a superficially placed port.

     With any approach, the plus for patients is that they obtain a breast lift simultaneously with breast reconstruction and except for the extra scars that result from the mastectomy treating their cancer, there may be an overall improvement in their breast appearance.

     As this is a post-cancer reconstruction, insurance generally reimburses the procedure.  Both stages are generally performed in the hospital under general anaesthesia.   You can peruse some before and after results.

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Breast Reconstruction

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